Our Work.

What We Do

Our multifaceted approach aims to address diverse challenges and create positive, sustainable change.

Bringing peoplentogether
to endnpoverty for good

“Bringing people together to end poverty for good is at the core of our mission at NGO Anmol. Through collaborative efforts and shared commitment, we strive to create a world where poverty is not just alleviated but eradicated. By fostering community engagement, encouraging partnerships, and implementing sustainable development practices, we believe in the collective power to break the chains of poverty.

Promote access to healthcarenfor children

Ensuring access to quality healthcare is a fundamental aspect of our mission. We operate medical clinics, conduct health awareness campaigns, and collaborate with healthcare professionals to address the unique health needs of the communities we serve.

Keep kids Education and ready to learn

We believe in the transformative power of education. By establishing schools, providing scholarships, and implementing educational programs, we empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to break the cycle of poverty.

Environmental Sustainability.

Recognizing the importance of a healthy planet, we engage in activities that promote environmental sustainability. From tree-planting initiatives to advocating for eco-friendly practices, we strive to create a harmonious balance between human development and environmental conservation.

Women's Empowerment:

We are committed to advancing gender equality. Through initiatives promoting skill development, entrepreneurship, and advocacy for women’s rights, we empower women to become agents of change in their communities.

Where We Work

10,000 people, innnearly Pan india

Distance doesn’t diminish our love.

Reaching out to 10,000 people across nearly pan-India regions, NGO Anmol has demonstrated a widespread and impactful presence. Our initiatives span education, healthcare, women’s empowerment, and environmental sustainability, touching lives in diverse communities. By establishing schools, organizing medical camps, empowering women through skill development, and promoting eco-friendly practices, we aim to create a positive ripple effect.