Anmol Educational                      


  Social Welfare Society

(A Helping hand for the helpless generation )


       Annual  - Report




Registered   Office

Khasra No-543, Asola ,Fatehpurberi

Chhattarpur , South delhi, New Delhi -74



Project   Office

D-103, Kharak,Chandanhulla,

Chhattarpur ,South Delhi ,

New - Delhi -74


              (A Helping hand for the helpless generation )


 Anmol Educational And Social Welfare Society is a registered society registered under Society Act 1860 date on 10/08/2007 with Registration No:- – 59459/2007 and recognized by Home Ministry of India to receive foreign contribution FCRA Registration  No :- 231661544 for doing charitable activities in India for the welfare of the unprivileged people . The Society also accredited with 80G No DIT (E) 2008-2009/A-865/2716 valid from 26/06/2009 to  A.Y. 2011-12 till onwards Under Income Tax Exemption and 12 A/2009-2010/A – 394/2716.

                        To stick on to community development and the holistic development of the children the Society, Anmol Educational And Social Welfare Society established Anmol Charity School , which is situated at Satbari (Kharak Riwara) a suburban village , in  Mehrauli , District – South Delhi . The School established to provide quality English education to the unprivileged children in the society and to avail the benefit of information at the center place between Bhattimines and chhattarpur an area of 10.5Km .

                        There are about 12 villages connected to this village and the total population of the area is 1.5 lakh . During the last ten years more than thousand un-schooled children have got benefit from the school . The various activities of school are aimed at fulfilling the objectives of society/Organization . In the near future Anmol Charity School is acting for the role of channelizing these goals of the society, through its different educational and welfare aspect of approaching the community development .


In  response to the need of society , seeks to provide all kind of support and help, both in cash and kind, to the people in need of welfare and in need of social and economic development irrespective of all differences .



  • Community development
  • Education to unprivileged
  • Healthcare
  • Mid- Day meal to the unprivileged
  • Handicapped/ Person With Disabilities
  • To provide Special education for dropout girls from School
  • Vocational Training (Tailoring)
  • Computer Course from Upper Class.



The goals set by the Society/Organization are the targeted destination where all the activities of mission are found successfully completed. The Board of Society/ Organization have set very clear and definite goal of its functions.



Since the Societies /Organization is in urgent need of education, welfare and economic development, of the Organization is also in similar need of monitory support . To focus onto the holistic development of the society the Organization needs to meet the yearly, monthly, daily expenses such as uniform distribution, study material distribution, honorarium for staff ,rent for the school building , and one time meals to accomplish the task successfully. In order to avail the benefit of Information Technology , the Society started to provide computer education from bottom level .

          Once these needs have been met or addressed, it will give momentum in the action. As the community is in genuine need the society also is in genuine need of monitory support . The proper co-operation of all important elements of an organization is almost done when the capital requirement is met by the Organization.



# To assist the poor and needy children in the society.

# To provide quality English education.

# To provide computer education from bottom level.

# To provide mid-day meal to the unprivileged children.

# To provide study material to the children.

# To provide health care to weaker section.

# To provide artificial instrument for the PwD children.

# To provide kits for girls/Women.



  1. Ambedkar Jayanti Programmes:- On 14th April each year We organize Baba Saheb Bhim Ambedkar Jayanti celebration in our project office. This year our chief guest was Mr Kartar Singh Tanwar in this programme. All students and parents attended this programme. Some villagers were also present that day. Good students delivered address on Father of constitution Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar . At last Mr Kartar Singh Tanwar newly elected Member of Assembly, Chhattarpur addressed to children and local people.

              After this programme chocolate , Biscuits, Sweets, Namkeen and snacks was distributed among the children and parents.Near about one hundred (150)children, parents and local people attended this programme.


2.World Environment Day :-

On 5thJune we  celebrated Environment Day with our local People . Some villagers attended this programme .During this period as Summer Vacation was  going on some upper class students also attended this programme . All people and children went to near by Farm Houses for digging land. Some seeds were sown and sapling kept in ground . That day we  decided that we should  live in pollution free  area. Delhi has remained a polluted place , every year Delhi Government announces that we want Delhi  to be free of pollution.

                                                            In this programme our chief Guest Mr Sushil  Yadav CISF Inspector also celebrated  this programme. There were  50 saplings  planted in the ground. Mr Yadav  Addressing  to the people and children, he  said about importance of plants and precaution of not burning plastic and rubber tyre.

3. ID UL FITTER PROGRAMME :- Our area belongs to minority people ,near about 70% Muslim people live in this village . All students belong in this village , after completion of thirty day ROZA the Villagers and children organized ID UL FITTER programme in our Project Office Near Idgah . There in all 300 and above people attended this Programme. On the occasion Our President distributed some caps and milk , sewai among the children. Fruits and  Sweets were also distributed among the children.

4. Independence Day Programmes :- 68th Independence day was celebrated by students and local people/parents in our Project Office.Molana Md Abdul Hanann was our chief guest . He hoisted our national flag . Students participated this programme. Ist and KG class students sung a patriotic songs and upper class students addressed about our freedom Fighter. Chocolate , Biscuits, Sweets and snacks was distributed among these children and local people. At last Md Imran Khan Urdu Teacher addressed to our national programme and Thanked to the organizer of Programme.

  1. Teacher’s Day Celebration:- Every year we are celebrating Teachers Day programme in our school/ Organization, in our Project Office . On this day children drew a Drawing on the paper sheet. Different Types of drawings were drawn on the paper . Elder girls took class on behalf of Teachers. All students ,teachers and parents had a get together in this programme. All teachers, students and guest prayed to Our Ex- President Sarva Palli Radha Krishnan.


Education is right  of every people of ,any caste ,any religion.

                                                NO LIFE WITHOUT EDUCATION

Our chief Guest Mr A.K. Biruly Labour Officer South Delhi  distributed Prize of best students who drew a drawing on the occasion of Teachers Day. He addressed to all students, teachers, and local people/parents about importance of education and what is the roll of teachers in human life.

  1. Children’s Day Programmes:- 14th November is our Children’s Day . We all know CHACHA NEHRU . He loved children so the children called him CHACHA NEHRU. He was prime minister of India. He always gave his to love and affection to children. We are celebrating children’s day programme . Today all children remember our Late Prime minister Jawahar Lal Nehru . All children participated in  cultural  programme.
  1. Annual Day Programme:- 11th Annual Day celebration was held at our project office Anmol Charity School kharak on 1st December 2015 . Students participate to the cultured programme. Near about 200 and above students ,local people and guest attended this programme. Drawing compelition, singing a song and dance in cultured programme was done. Mr Lalit Chauhan Music Director of SHIVAM CULTURE CENTRE and President awarded, was our chief guest . He addressed to the people and participants in this programme. He encouraged  students and weak students to participate.
  1. Republic Day Programme:- 67th Republic Day celebration of our school held at Kharak Riwara . Mr Kartar Singh Tanwar MLA and CISF INSPECTOR MR Sushil Yadav were our chief guests in our programme. Local People , parents , teachers, and all students attended this programme. 250 people held a get together in this programme. Students participated in this programme . They were doing dance , culutural programme and singing patriotic songs . Mr Kartar Singh Tanwar and Mr Sushil Yadav addressed to the people about importance of Republic Day . After that Chief Guest and Guest distributed prizes to students and encouraged them to do good work in future. At last Md Imran Khan concluded this programme and thanked to all the people who attended on that day. Sweets, toffee, Namkeen etc were distributed among the children.

09.Pulse Polio Programme:-Pulse Polio Programme with support of Primary Health Centre Fatehpurberi was organized  in our school in the month of February 2016. All students of  our school and villagers children attended  this programme. About 115 children got polio drops. Mrs Anita was our guest and polio drops among the children from age group 3 to 5 years were given.

                        At last our President addressed to local people about importance of pulse polio . He described  advantages of polio.

  1. Health Awareness Programme:- Health Awareness programme was organize with support of National Family Health Centre at Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi-29. Mr Rajnikant was project co-ordinator. He organized this programme. This programme was organized in this place in the month of March 2016. Family Health Centre checked weight, length, deficiency of iodine, blood ,eye etc of all students. Patients of any disease children were referred to Govt Hospital for medical treatment. Near about twenty children were found to be of these cases. Mr Rajnikant Project co-ordinator addressed to local people’s children about this camp for medical treatment. In future also we shall organize this camp. During this period refreshment was also distributed to all the people and children. At the end of this programme Mrs Meenu Devi thanked all the people.
  1. Exposure Visit Programmes:- After the final examination of academic session 2015-16 , all students , teachers, went to see Mughal Garden, India Gate, Nehru Museum, Children Park India Gate etc. From class IIIrd to VIth age group 8 to 12 years students participated in a group of  71 students and teachers . Some refreshment and fruits were distributed among these children.

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