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Anmol is a dream of one person for those who needs a medium to get a better life. When one think of having a good life we only think about facilities. A person born and brought up in rural area can get that better life so do a person born brought up in urban area. Better life can be bought by money, by having facilities and other lavish things but if a person is not financially good then what?

A person who is poor can think of having a better life but how? A person can lose anything and everything but one thing, what is it?

The Answer to all these questions is nothing but Education. If a person is not rich and have been leading a difficult life he/she can make it far much better. Person can lose anything but knowledge and education. It is an only gift, which if a person gets once he/she can never forget or delete from the data base of her/his mind.

‘Anmol’ word was chosen after many discussions and by taking many valuable suggestions. The word means “Priceless” “precious” “invaluable”. Education is priceless, no one can buy it, no one can sell it and no one can steal it. Anmol is our life, our own, and everything related to us, Education is one of them.


Anmol Educational social Welfare Society Was registered in August 10, 2007 under societies registration Act 1860. Initially the social work of the society started in December 2005 as we realized that there is need of schools in the rural area of Delhi. There was need of such schools hence we started with one at Kharak riwari a small Suburb of Developed Delhi.  The area is too isolated and even today people have to walk 3 miles to get to the main road connecting to the mainstream Delhi. The Community comprises of 80% Muslim residents residing since very long and other 20% are Hindus and those migrants who got sheds on their heads in here.

It was very necessary to provide knowledge to these people not only because they were illiterate but also because it was their right and they obviously never wanted their children to be brought up in the environment in which they have suffered. We helped them and made them understood that education is the only way they can get a better life like those in the urban areas and are rich.

Education was our first step which was our priority, we had got the support of this community for 9 long years, and in meanwhile we took several steps to help this community to get that Better life. Anmol became the first one to start adult education in the area. For those who are willing to learn and who needs to learn so that they can get their daily bread and butter.

We are working for differently able people for now 6 years, giving all kind of facilities to the community like Organizing Health Camps, providing awareness sessions on health, environment, population, and others.

The “Anmol Vidya Niketan” school which has been run by society for 9 Long years started with only 13 students in initial days and now providing its rich knowledge to 272 students of the area. Anmol is serving about 17 adjacent villages of the area.

The organization is been working to help these people lead a self reliant life. We give them education for their psychological, social and economic growth and for the better future of their coming generations. Our efforts are to provide them every kind of facilities and awareness to make their life better.

The Organization had served the society through its many Endeavors like... Education programs, Health awareness, helping the differently able people and others. Let’s have a look at the activities and projects.

Anmol Charity School

The goal of the school is to educate students of the rural area so that they lead a better life and contribute in the community development. We want to nurture new ideas and possibilities in our students.  Our Education program supports our core values of integrity, responsibility, respect, community and leadership. We hope our students to become a social, successful, responsible, and independent human being. Our goal is to:

  • Encourage poor and downtrodden students to get quality education.
  • Encourage students achieve their maximum potential in academics, artistic, and sports
  • Create a healthy environment for the students so that we can ensure equal opportunities for all without any differentiation on the basis of caste, creed, clour and religion.
  • Ensure guardians that the students are in healthy and safe environment.
  • Encourage students to learn that Education is “Anmol” and for your whole life.


We have recruited the staff on their qualification basis and on the basis of their abilities to reach the students by not only their teaching styles but also through their will to know them. These students need special attentions so the teachers give preferences to all students. Some of the teachers belongs to the same area so that we can gives opportunity to the locals and also because they know the problems by its routes and they are the only who can help s to remove the problems from their routes.

Our teaching and non teaching staff contributes their 100% so that the community can be served and Anmol can achieve one of the most important goals of its own.

Management and Monitoring system

School Management and administration is manages by the Anmol Social and Welfare Society. Ultimately the development and futuristic plans are also managed by the society on its level with the help of project coordinator and staff of the school. The activities and administration of the school will be under the supervision of the Project Coordinator/Principal. There will be parents, teachers association to evaluate and suggest the activities of the school and this association will formulate timely strategies to improve the educational. Standard and discipline in the school.

Monthly Staff Review Meeting at central level: All teaching and non teaching staff participates in the meeting headed by the chairperson of the society moderated by the principal or project coordinator.

Half yearly PTA Meetting: The Parents, Teachers association meets in every six months to evaluate the working of School. They also discuss on Everything worth discussion.


Anmol Charity School:-

Anmol Charity School for Nursery to 12th N.I.O.S – at Anmol , we provide education , counseling , recreational activities , and a frame work to get organized since 2007 Anmol NGO has been working on the subjects of education for children , livelihood for the youth , healthcare in rural villages and urban slums , women empowerment and sensitization of the privileged masses . Education in its broadest, general sense is the means through which the aims and habits of a group of people sustain from one generation to the next . Anmol Educational And Social Welfare Society is working for education.


Viklang Seva Kendra :-


Anmol NGO provide wheelchairs to handicapped person so they can depend on themselves  not on other , & Food for them also. Time to time handicapped camps were are also organized with the help of another NGO, who has been working for disable and provide artificial limbs , They have been benefited with this camp and NGO associated and working for disabled , as soon as they show their concern to extend help to provide artificial equipment , to the handicapped , free of cost. The Society took advantage to such facility given by the organization and has remained in constant touch with them and helped the disabled by way of providing them artificial equipment as per their needs. Anmol NGO organized Camp with another NGO and providing wheel chairs & Vaisakhi, Near about 86 person benefitted this programme.

VocationalTraining (Computer,  Tailoring & Embroidery)

Anmol NGO has lab for computers Training in this teacher & how can also learn Tailoring and Embroidery from us and make you stand on your feets.


Mahila Shiksha And Prashikshan Kendra :-

We also provide free education for those ladies who are interested in studies but somehow they cannot completed their classes. We create awareness program to raise the interest of women and school drop out girls , to continue their studies further and lead a better and healthy life.


Provide better education for orphan& below poverty line:-

Special units for training educational programme which have been started at various places Delhi , Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh and Jamshedpur in Jharkhand .


Health /HIV-AIDS:-

The Society has been particularly been emphasizing on health and health care education , technical education , focusing on the need of education for sustaining the activities  of health care. We at Anmol NGO are committed to raising awareness to prevent .


Family Planning & Counseling:-

Our organization has done the programme on family counseling in which there are about more than 96 people who have been benefitted.

The society has been particularly been emphasizing on health and health care education , focusing on the need of education for sustaining the activities of health care , special units for training educational programmes which have been started at various places , having Delhi as one of them.



sanitized and clean environment The Society has managed and controlled the children have been benefitted . It is made sure that we provide proper crèches in areas where around 277 for the infants.

Environment Awareness Campaign :-

The Society has organized environment awareness campaign throughout the year. Our aim is to make people aware about the necessity of having and nurturing a clean and green environment . The Society Organized plantation programme with children and some villagers who was interested in this programme they has done plantation in villages kharak satbari South Delhi  New Delhi – 110074. Near about 200 Plant plantation in the field.

Consumer Rights Awareness Programs :-

The most essential program of our Society has been making the poor people aware of their consumer rights and how they can benefit as well as fight for them .This drive benefited about 125 people .With the help of local people children and area counselor ,we have organize various plantation programme . We make sure that we organize such camps on regular intervals. We have 207 students and villagers who actively and enthusiastically participate in such camps.

Future Plans:-

# Education provide weaker , daily earner children from Nursery to XIIth .

# Education for Handicapped and Disable

# Vocational Training (Tailoring , Embroidery & Computer )

# Supply of Equipments.

# Hospitality

# Handicapped Welfare Centre Faridabad (Haryana) , Jamshedpur (Jharkhand) Rae Bareli (Uttar Pradesh) Bhiwari (Rajashan)

# Another branch of VKS is proposed to start at Sanjay Camp Chankyapuri New Delhi Distt and Distt Badodra in Gujrat.


Dental Camps:-

The Society Organised DENTAL CAMP  with another NGO Name Sri GURU JI KA ASHRAM TRUST in the month of September 2013. There are 277 children and 60 villagers get benefitted this programme. Teeth is major problem of person and children in this village the people not caring about the teeth . without using brush of teeth using breakfast and etc. so our NGO proper care of this matter and time to time organized camp with another NGO. In this programme Tooth brush , colgate and other paste medicine distributing among them. Medicine also providing to children and villagers.


Eye Camp:-

Eye is most parts of human body without eye we can not see to any thing . Eye is most essential so our NGO take care and Organized camp with another NGO.

The Society Organized EYE CAMP with Dr Shroffs Charity EYE HOSPITAL in the month of January 2014 . Near about 265 and 45 villagers got benefitted this programme . Some children and villagers got treatment this Hospital . Glass frame and spectales , eye drop and medicines were also distributing among the children and villagers.

Blanket Distribution Programme:-

Delhi is our metro city & In the winter session to much cold happening in this city , so our NGO conduct programme to another NGO. Our NGO Organised programme with another NGO Name is Karmapa International Buddihist Institute . This NGO provided Blanket to villagers and poor person . Near about 550 villagers and children got benefitted this programme . 75 person also taken blanket who belongs to person with Disability.



Society Activities Programme:-

This Society Organized camp to all person like AADHAR CARD, FAMILY RATION CARD / WIDOW PERSON PENSION and other services provided to all community  to people.

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