Anmol Educational And Social Welfare Society is a registered society under society Act 1860, dated on 10/08/2007 Registration No. 59459/2007 the society also accredited with 80G No DIT(E) 2008-2009/A-865/2716 valid from 01/04/2008 to 31/03/2011 onwards under Income Tax exemption and 12A No DIT (E) A/2009-2010/A-394/2716/3186 Onwards.


To stick on to community development and to all type of human development of the society, Anmol Educational And Social Welfare Society established Anmol Vidya Niketan, which is situated at Satbari (Kharak) a suburban village in the Mehrauli, District- South Delhi the school is established to provide quality english education to the unprivileged children in the society and to avail the benefit of information technology true poor and humble children kharak satbari near Chandan Hulla is the center place between Bhattimines and Chattarpur an area of 11.5KM.


Here are about 17 villages commented to the villages and the total population of the area is 3.5Lakhs. During the last five year near about more than thousand unschooled children have got benefit from the school. The various activities of the school are aimed at fulfilling the objectives of the society. In the year future Anmol Charity School is acting the role of channelizing true go as of the society through its different educational and welfare aspect of approaching the community development programs.


As a response to the need of the society seek to provide all kind of support and help both as cash and kind to the people in need of welfare and in need of social an economic development irrespective of all deference.



Anmol Educational & Social Welfare Society (Regd.) was established and registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, It has been working on the aims and objectives of providing socio-economic programmes for the poor, down trodden and under privileged section of the society in different states of India. The organization has been working actively towards helping these people lead a self sustainable life under improved conditions and an educational and awareness strength to nourish and build to lead us. We provide services not only to children but also to the women and train them to lead a better economical, educational and healthy life. Our generous team consists of qualified persons which include legal experts, doctors, therapists, social workers, lawyers, qualified teachers and trainers. All of them have a dedication towards the development and welfare of targeted under privileged people. Our team has reached out to different areas with various programmes to benefit the people in need. We have been able to serve these areas initially with the available funds of the society and late because of the intensity and reach out has been increased with funds from individual and generous donors, corporate sectors, etc. Our volunteer base is growing at a steady pace. With this growth, we have been able to accomplish more, and have a larger impact upon our community. We welcome new volunteers and helpers with open arms. Please inquire today about how you can become a cherished part of Anmol Organization. The mission of Anmol Foundation is to support people in their time of need and create a more perfect foundation. Wherever there is need, Anmol Organization will offer its resources regardless of economic status or affiliation. Please join us for our generous campaigns. Call +91-9555025137 / +91-11-64663683 for detail


Anmol Educational and Social Welfare Society is a registered charitable trust. We have FCRA Registration Vide Registration No is – 231661544  and receive funds from both  India and abroad.


Anmol Educational social Welfare Society Was registered in August 10, 2007 under societies registration Act 1860. Initially the social work of the society started in December 2005 as we realized that there is need of schools in the rural area of Delhi. There was need of such schools hence we started with one at Kharak riwari a small Suburb of Developed Delhi. The area is too isolated and even today people have to walk 3 miles to get to the main road connecting to the mainstream Delhi. The Community comprises of 80% Muslim residents residing since very long and other 20% are Hindus and those migrants who got sheds on their heads in here.

It was very necessary to provide knowledge to these people not only because they were illiterate but also because it was their right and they obviously never wanted their children to be brought up in the environment in which they have suffered. We helped them and made them understood that education is the only way they can get a better life like those in the urban areas and are rich.

Education was our first step which was our priority, we had got the support of this community for 9 long years, and in meanwhile we took several steps to help this community to get that Better life. Anmol became the first one to start adult education in the area. For those who are willing to learn and who needs to learn so that they can get their daily bread and butter.

We are working for differently able people for now 6 years, giving all kind of facilities to the community like Organizing Health Camps, providing awareness sessions on health, environment, population, and others.

The “Anmol Vidya Niketan” school which has been run by society for 9 Long years started with only 13 students in initial days and now providing its rich knowledge to 272 students of the area. Anmol is serving about 17 adjacent villages of the area.

The organization is been working to help these people lead a self reliant life. We give them education for their psychological, social and economic growth and for the better future of their coming generations. Our efforts are to provide them every kind of facilities and awareness to make their life better.


Mission :- Mission of the organization to develop new vibrant & most constructive & creative force in society in when people are aware and conscientized enough about their problem need enhanced their internal potential for betterment of life and disseminate new social order in society.

Ambition :- Dedicated to the service of Mankind.

         Education is Right of every child regardless of genius or ability